Julian Hodge Institute Of Applied Macroeconomics

A History Of Past Lectures

The first Julian Hodge Institute of Applied Macroeconomics Lecture was delivered in 2000. Since this time the lecture series held in Cardiff, has included some of the world's leading economists.

Annual Lecture History

Mr David Smith
Economic Editor of the Sunday Times

Is the Chinese Growth Miracle Over?

2015 Transcript (PDF)
Prof. Forrest Capie
Professor Emeritus of Economic History at the CASS Business School, City University, London

Where Now For Bank Regulation? Some Lessons From Economic History

2014 Transcript (PDF)
Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn
Professor of Economics and Public Finance at the University of Munich (LMU), President of the Ifo Institute, Director of the University of Munich’s Center for Economic Studies, and Director of CESifo

The Euro Crisis

2013 Transcript (PDF)
Prof. Nicholas Crafts
Director of ESRC Research Centre on Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy and Professor of Economic History, University of Warwick

Returning to Growth After the Crisis: Lessons From Britain's Economic History

2012 Transcript (PDF)
Akos Valentinyi
Chair in Economics at Cardiff Business School

The Future for Britain and Europe

2011 Transcript (PDF)
Michael Beenstock
Professor of Economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Global Warming - The Greenhouse Gas Illusion

2010 Transcript (PDF)
Dale Henderson
Visting Professor of Economics at Georgetown University

All the Wrong Incentives - A Financial Perfect Storm

2009 Transcript (PDF)
Colin Robinson
Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Surrey

Economics, Politics & Climate Change: Are the Sceptics Right?

2008 Transcript (PDF)
Paul De Grauwe
Professor of International Economics, University of Leuven, Belgium

Quo Vadis Europe? Fortress or land of opportunities?

2007 Transcript (PDF)
Ludovit Odor
Member of the Bank Board of the National Bank of Slovakia

The Flat Tax - Lessons From Tax Reform in Slovakia

2006 Transcript (PDF)
Professor Nicholas Crafts
Professor of Economic History at the London School of Economics (LSE).

Productivity At The Periphery - What can Wales do to compete?

2005 Transcript (PDF)
Professor Danny Quah
Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

What does the knowledge-based economy mean for Wales?

2004 Transcript (PDF)
Sir Alan Budd
Member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee and Chief Economic Adviser to the Treasury from 1991-1997.

British Monetary Arrangements - present and future

2003 Transcript (PDF)
Professor Bennett T. McCallum
H.J. Heinz Professor of Economics at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.
Professor Otmar Issing
Board Member and Chief Economist, European Central Bank.
Sir Alan Walters - former Chief Economic Adviser to Mrs (now Lady) Margaret Thatcher.

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