Fixed Interest Rate Accounts

A safe place for your savings with guaranteed returns

If you want to know how much interest you are going to earn on your money, a fixed rate account is the perfect solution.

This allows you to plan for the future, ensuring that your savings realise their potential and provide a lump sum for that special holiday, new car or other major financial commitment. Alternatively it can provide you with a nest-egg for your future financial security or a monthly income to assist in your day-to-day expenses.

Our Short Term Fixed Rate Accounts and Fixed Rate Deposit Accounts offer interest rates for savers who are able to leave their money untouched for a specific period.

No withdrawals are permitted on an account after the initial deposit.

Further deposits may be added to an account during its term but only whilst the interest rate payable on the account is the same as the rate on offer for new accounts.

The maximum aggregate amount permitted in personal deposits is currently £1,000,000, including those balances held in our variable rate accounts.